Houseboat Apart XL


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Living in such a home is a very rewarding experience. You can move and change the landscape, you can stay all day at the beach, swim or fish to your heart’s.

An advantage of this type of house is the fact that they can change their position easly, if the owner gets bored os afmiring the same landscape. Another advantage is that you do not need a crew to sail.

A houseboat is no different from a home on the ground in terms of comfort. They can be very spacious with a few bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen and even terrace.

If you do not want to live permanently in such a house, you can easily rent them.


Inside layouts



– Steel frame zinc
– Polietylenium floats 9 psc X 1,2 m per one side – catamaran
– Wood construction house with inside walls, floor, waterproof roof
– Outside Elevation – pvc siding or Scandinavian wood
– Water tank 400l, waste tank – 400l with water and waste installation, Sensors and liquid level indicators
– Box for 2 gas cylinders
– Electric, tv- antenna, speakers installation
– Heating installation with gas stove and wall heaters
– Terrace – Scandinavian wood with aluminium railings
– isolation foam 5 cm
– Ceiling from pvc panels colour white with led lights
– Linoleum floor
– Fiberglas wallpaper and painting
– Bathroom; shower, washbasin, electric toilet, miracle, fan
– Kitchen Furnishing; standard cabinets 160 cm down and up, light, gas cooker, single chamber sink, refrigerator 230 V
– Inside doors with round window 3 psc
– cleats aluminium or stainless steel 4 psc
– Ladder entrance


– Curtain
– Plisse
– Engines: 2 x Honda 20HP
– Air conditioning split 2000w*
– System Power Plus: Inverter 5000W, 6 x240 battery 6V
– Added bedroom door 1 psc
– Dish machine
– Clean water system 25l/min
– Burning toilet
– Septic system 150 l/day
– Added third bedroom
– Sauna
– Gas Grill
– tubular anchor 1 psc
– Terrace top; stairs, aluminum railings
– Stainless steel railings
– Floor heating in livingroom


– Rope 4 psc
– Rubber bumpers 4 psc
– Curtain rods
– driver’s chair (black or write)
– generator 3 kW – quiet
– security equipment for 6 person
– slide for one person
– slide for two persons
– Waste pomp
– Living room furnishing; seater sofa bed, table, 4 chairs, cafe table, commode
– 2 x Bedroom Furnishing; double bed, built-in wardrobe with technical space
– Winter security tank system
– Outside led lights
– Radio with 2 speakers
– TV set 32’ with antenna Glomax
– isolation foam 8 cm


– Engines: 2 x yamaha 25 hp high trust
– Steering console – laminate or metal white or grey, wheel
– Package of 4 solar panels solar power of 250 W each,
– System Power: Inverter 2400W, 4 x240 battery 6V
– Navigation lamps, horn
– fuel tank 100L
– Rear camera