We have been water enthusiasts for many years. Our passion has turned into an idea for a business – this is how the make Waterbus was created. We are fully convinced that our boats are made for love of water. Of course this creates an obligation.

The quality of our boats was appreciated by customers from: Pila, Swinoujscie, Szczecin, Augustow, Gizycko, Mragowo, Warsaw, Wyszogrod and many other towns in Poland and abroad. Many are also interested in our hulls (pontoons), which are often bought for further development.

We want to produce ideal boats, with unique finish, often developed for people with passion.
We are happy about all requirements made by our customers – we can also fulfil them.

In 2006 we won the first prize on the Trade Fair in Wroclaw in the “tourist boat” category.
Our dockyard builds catamarans with aluminium hulls (pontoons) designed by us and patented.

Years of tests and experiments have allowed us to achieve very good nautical properties while keeping the mass of the boat low at the same time.
During the construction of the hulls (pontoons) and the frame we have developed an ideal base for further development of a small passenger ship, houseboat, lifeboat, work boat, diving platform, and for many other uses.

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