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A narrower version of the “F” hull with a similar displacement with a little more immersion. A little better nautical qualities, but smaller possibilities for mounting tanks in hulls. Built of 3 and 4 mm thick sheets, Houseboats, work boats, stationary, floating restaurants. If properly configured with cross beams it is possible to receive desing category “C”.


Hulls made of light aluminum alloys, grade PA 11-5754 and PA 13-5083 resistant to sea conditions, they are welded from 1.5-meter modules forming, airtight unsinkable chambers with vent. For example, our 15-meter catamaran, has 20 tight chambers providing users with exceptional safety. The growing demand has forced us to design several sections of floats for various applications and displacement. The construction has been appreciated by many manufacturers of houseboats. Aluminum is characterized by extra durability compared to laminate hulls, and any repair costs are small. The ordering party receives from us the hulls with transverse beams, external envelope bar and transom for outboard engine. The wide range of models allows you to build a boat with a length of 5.40 to 15 meters in length and from 2.5 to 6 meters in width. Between the hulls, profiled aluminum sheet 2 mm thick is welded under the cross beams to stiffen the structure and provide protection against waves, possible installations and devices installed under the floor. Our hulls, optionally are suitable for mounting one motor centrally or 2 suspended directly on floats. Hulls over 3 meters wide are available in folded form for transport at customer’s request. All hulls have openings in the transvese beams to do a water, hydraulic and electrical installations.
For extra charge we put tunnels for the thruster, additional revisions for tanks, reinforcements for anchor winches, mounting for two engines. The cross beams are attached to floats every 750 mm. When selecting the hull for the building weight, it should be remembered that the most of the bow elements have about 1/3 displacement of the full module, and after summing up the displacement, the weight of the whole set should be subtracted. The weight of the complete frame with floats starts from 450 kg to 2,700 kg at the largest platform. The shape and method of welding the hulls, and the method of assembling for transport is patented and is owned by Waterbus.

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