AX 560


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Our company specializes in the production of commercial and tourist boats with various options of interior design. All models have a deep V-shaped bow, which gives them a lot of seaworthiness in harsh marine conditions.

AX560 is the most innovative of our projects, a number of design applications make this hull very distinctive from the products of the competition. Perfect for open sea and ocean waters, it is made to deal with severe weather conditions. Stability at high speeds are its main advantages. So far AX560 was found as superior among trainers of Olympic classes and marine rescuers. For those professionals we introduce special solutions.


Basic features:
  • large V on the bow
  • the most innovative of our products
  • greater stability obtained by the air tunnel under the tubes thanks to the original hull design
  • dry cockpit
  • very large space in the cockpit
  • uncompromising maritime prowess


Hull length [cm]: 562
Hull width [cm]: 238
Tube diameter [mm]: 380 – 500
Tube material: hypalon
Number of chambers: 5
Max load [kg]: 740
Weight [kg]: 380
Max engine power [kW]: 66,1
Engine column: L
Max crew: 8

AX560 is innovation, stability, experience in a word, everything you need to work.

Each RIB H-14 is made specifically to order! Decide for yourself the number and configuration of the seats and the available colors of the tubes and hull, and we will finish it according to your order.

H-14 ribs meet all the requirements, standards and directives of recreational boats and are certified by Polish Ships Registry with – CE mark.