H-14 was named after one of the storage hangars, No. 14, in the sailing club where the company founder began learning the art of lamination. He has been an active sailor and using many types of motorboats for over 20 years. With the experience gathered came a desire to create a boat that is light, durable, with excellent performance and seaworthiness. Such are H-14 ribs. The innovative design and modern production technology allow H-14 ribs to reach top speed of 40 knots at sea state of 4 Beaufort. The passion with which we approach our products makes us pay closest attention to details. H-14 ribs can be used by everyone: from the specialists working at sea to amateurs who want to experience the freedom of being on the open water. We want to stay in close dialog with our clients and together decide on the final look and accessories of their rib.

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