AX 500+


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Our company specializes in building working ribs and leisure ribs with multiple options for interior design. All models are designed with large V shape at nose to improve their seaworthiness.

AX500 + is a boat with an identical bottom design as the AX500 model. The main difference are tubes of larger diameter.


Basic features:
  • big V in the bow,
  • thick tubes with a diameter of 350mm – 480mm provide very dry cockpit, more stability and security inside the boat,
  • redans at bottom for fast planning,
  • reduced resistance through redans,
  • lightweight design,
  • individual choice of fittings in cockpit: two seats, single seat, or helmsman seat plus coach box / box-seat (* see parts section).


Internal length [cm]: 380
External length [cm]: 486
Internal width [cm]: 160
External width [cm]: 238
Tube diameter [mm]: 370 – 450
Tubes material: hypalon
Number of chambers: 5
Max load [kg]: 560
Weight [kg]: 310
Max engine power [kW]: 44,1
Engine column: L
Max crew: 6

Principal Characteristics

Beam of hull = 2375 mm Material of hull – GRP
Lenght of hull = 4860 mm Maximum number of person – 6
Light craft mass = 290 kg Design Category – C
Maximum Load= 410 kg Maximum engine – 36 KW

AX500+ hull has a thick tube, it is very stable and dry. A true leader in its class.

Each H-14 RIB is made specifically to order! Decide on the number and configuration of seats and available colors of hull and tubes. We will finish it according to your order.

H-14 ribs meet all the requirements, standards and directives of recreational boats and are certified by Polish Ships Registry with – CE mark.