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Freestyle to the nth degree with Exo XG: fun in safety and exciting performances! A latest generation kayak dedicated to freestyle, which is the lightest in its category … no other polyethylene playboat is lighter! This means greater elevation in more complex figures, incredible buoyancy ratio, ease and dynamism in control. The Xg has a very high rotation speed combined with the large surface of the hull for constant and modular rides.

The marked rails help the initial insertion into the dynamics when you perform your tricks, while the consistent side helps you to “lean” on the side of the dynamics (wave or hole), keeping you in the center of the action. Even under the toughest conditions the Xg is reliable and predictable! So: whether you are in an artificial spot, a giant wave in a large river or on the coast in your favorite surf spot, this is the kayak to “play” with!

The equipment includes integrated leg loops, ergonomic seat, multilayer foam footrest kit, ExoThrust cover, and the backrest can be adjusted using two cam cleats. Available in single or double layer version. For the design of the new Freestyle kayak, Exo collaborated with the young and dynamic group of Italian Freestylers of KriminalKayak.