Spinera Professional Multi Rider by e-Sea



As longtime partner of renting companies and recreation stations, we know how a pro banana has to be. In cooperation with e-Sea, a well-known Austrian manufacturer of inflatable dinghies, we have these professional bananas in our range of products. With commercial using there is a manufacturer warranty of 6 months.

The bananas are of a very tough five coat synthetic material. This material is very UV wave resistant and has a low water stand for good slipping features.

All seams are double glued with a two component glue.

Our line of professional buoys are specially made for nautical bases. The buoys are made of high tear resistant nylon. The inflatable inner part is made of 0.9mm PVC. All pro buoys have Tarpuline protection 0.8mm thick on the bottom. This reinforced and smooth PVC protection also makes it possible to reduce the fuel consumption of the boat.


Measurements: approx. L 535cm x B 120cm
Gross Weight: approx. 31kg
Max. air pressure: 0,25 bar
Max. loading 375kg
Diameter: 33 / 50 / 33 cm
Max. traction: 2722kg
Gauge: 0,9 mm PVC
3-chamber security system “we take care about safety”
Rope Bridal for easy connection included

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Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 30 × 50 × 33 cm