Rollerbone Balance Bone 2 Pcs



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There is a new member in the RollerBone balance family a training tool to practice your fitness, agility and especially your balance. Fun also included!

Easy to use with a huge outcome. The trapezoidal timber is characteristic because of it´s three different balance latitudes. From small kids up to top athletes – everyone will find the perfect gym session on the Balance Bone.

Made of high-quality EVA foam the slim set can be stored everywhere. Since many years kindergartens, schools, even physiotherapists trust on the positive effects of Roller Bone – so the Balance Bone is the perfect addition to all exercises. Cleaning and disinfection are no problem because of the high-quality material.



3 different balance latitudes to train different skills:

  • 6 cm: The beginner: perfect for kids, beginners, rehab patients or even best agers to practise preventive exercises;
  • 4 cm: The experienced: perfect for advanced and athletes who want to improve on their balance, power and coordination;
  • 2 cm: The Slackline without a tree: the easiest way to use a slackline without any fixing tools. The campions of balance will love the slimmest side of the bar. Looks so simply, but to keep the body tension is the challenge.

Balance Bone is your daily gym to go, wherever you want. Keep practicing everywhere: in your living room, in kindergarten, in school, together with your private physio therapist or even outdoor!
Enjoy the new way of balancing and relaxing.

Set of 2 beams
measurement of 1 beam:
L 100 cm x H 16-17-19 cm