Pedal Boat Walker



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Length 360 cm
Width 160 cm
Weight 105 kg
Limit 3 persons or 350 kg


Walker is one of the smallest pedal boat produced by Samar. The small size does not make it less functional or attractive – quite the contrary. Comfortably accommodate three adults and a number of thoughtful ergonomic solutions significantly increases its attractiveness.

With our wide range of pedal boats, Walker stands an unusual rear deck. It’s semicircular shape is achieved by a solid extrusion, a great place for the kids where they can enjoy the pleasures of rest in the water under adult supervision.

Despite its small size, Walker is not an exception among produced by Samar pedal boats – comfort and safety and durability presented in this model especially . Non-slip mats, reinforced fixing the rudder, design prevents overturning, a special place for cans and bottles for drinks or disputes buoyancy. This is only the beginning of a long list of features of this boat.

Walker is the ideal pedal boat for people who want a convenient way to enjoy the leisure activities on the water. It will appreciate both adults and small.