Pedal Boat Atol



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Length 425cm
Width 160 cm
Weight 175 kg
Limit 5 persons or 500 kg


This five-seater pedal boat is designed for use in water equipment rental. It represents a good balance between attractiveness and safety.
We always put a big attention to safety . All boat’s sensitive surfaces have been covered with non-slip coating. Reduction of the deck at the rear of the pedal boat, is surrounded by a stainless steel rails. So we got a safe place for a relaxing permit transportation even of small children. Small foredeck helps to down the pedal boat comfortably both to land and in water. it may be even easier thanks to possibility to install additional ladder. The additional space on front deck has been developed to improve comfort

Atoll is ideal for water sports equipment rental, combines the reliability and safety.

Key features:

  • Secure the rear deck.
  • Convenient front deck.
  • Extra seat.
  • Solidity.