Aquabus Dogale 45


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In partnership with the architects Charles and Bruno Moretti, Grove Boats launches the Aquabus Dogale 45, a superb 13.70m mono hull based on the “Minuetto 45” that has largely proved its value in the river boat rental market.

This unit, named in honor of the Venetian tradition, targets the niche market of passenger boats with a capacity of 50+ seats and it has the enormous advantage of being “zero emission” thanks to its electric propulsion. The photovoltaic panels on its roof provide the boat with a significant energy input, paying off both ecologically and economically. Its hull is designed to minimize wave production, which is not only safe and handy, but preserves the shores.

Its maximum total capacity is 54 passengers and the interior is widely adaptable; it is for example possible to accommodate bicycles by slightly reducing the number of passengers. Wheelchairs access can be arranged as well as the installation of sliding windows or even a heating system to enable the Aquabus Dogale 45 to work in all seasons.

Excellent value for money, the Aquabus Dogale 45 provides a significant financial return for an operator looking for navigation solution in a preserved environment (nature reserves and / or bird, protected sites, swimming areas, …).






Overall length 13.7 m
Overall Width 4.1 m
Draft 0.9 m
Air draft 2.9 m
Displacement, empty 7500 kg
Displacement, loaded 11900 kg
Electric motor 20 kW
Battery voltage 48 V
Solar panels surface 20 m2
Solar panels power > 3 kW
Cruising speed ~9-10 km/h
Autonomy without sunlight, at cruising speed ~ 8 h
Number of passengers 54
Certification CE (Dir 2006/87)



Hybrid kit, Air conditioning, heating flat screen, WC, sound system, GPS system, fridge, bar,