Aqua Marina Blade Board+Sail/Rig 320 x 84 x 12cm



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All AM WindSUPs have been especially developed to equally work for both sports and offering an incredible range of fun.


Blade SUP Specs:
•Volume: 315l.
•Net weight: 45,9 lbs – 20,8 kg.
•Max. Payload: 330 lbs – 150kg.
•Fin System: 1 Center Fin, 1 Dagger Fin
•Max. Air Pressure: 15psi

Rig Pack Specs:
Sail: 5.0m² Dacron,X-ply sail with PVC window is light, strong and UV resistant
Luff: 13’5” (410cm)
Boom: 5’7”-6’15” (170-220cm). Adjustable clamp with EVA cover. Boom with outhaul rope
Mast: 13’2” (400cm). 4-piece mast composite RDM.

Board package includes:
Zip Backpack, Safety Leash, Double Action Pump, Paddleholder

Rig package includes:
Up-haul, mast extension, universal joint, neat zippered storage / bag holds mast / boom / base / sail in one compact, easy-to-transport design

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