Yachtbeach AquaBanas Line Splash Bana



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The Splash Bana allows up to 8 people to sit or lay comfortably on the deck. The center hole is netted so kids and adults can splash safely without falling through. Add another Bana Deck, or Bana Tent, to enhance the experience. Splash Bana is based on the foundational Party Bana. It is designed to have a Jacuzzi on the water. The recess is provided with an internal mesh net which keeps you safe from jellyfish or any other sea particle and helps you when your cell phone or key drops out of your pocket. It is also very good usable for children because due too the mesh net it keeps your child safe. The 4 backrests on the Splash Bana make your stay on this Bana even more comfortable and enjoyable.
Adding a Bana Tent is easy!
Quickly add any style of Bana Tent to any style of AquaBanas decks. All tents and decks come standard with the needed hardware to make the connections.


Splash Bana Information:
Length: 340 x 340cm – 11´x 11´
Height: 50cm – 20“
No. of Chambers: 5
Weight: 60kg – 132lbs
Air Pressure: 4.5psi Deck
Stored Dimensions: 110x60x30cm – 43“x24“x12“

Standard Features:
20cm thickness Drop Stitch Fabric
Ballast Bags
316 Stainless Steel D-rings
Non-Slip Surface
Anchor Points
Quick Step
Cooler Cut Out
Tent Ready
Double Layer Side Walls

Standard Equipment:
Carrying Wrap
Repair Kit
Instruction Sheet
Non-Slip Surface

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 340 × 340 × 50 cm