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This medium-sized catamaran is built for the comfortable commercial transport of 12 passengers (18 upholstered seats + helm) built on aluminium hulls type 5754 3mm thick with cross sections of 812 mm sheet with a spatial profiled rigid frame. The walls are made of a light construction material, sandwich panels, polystyrene foam encased on both sides with strong plastic laminate.Door and windows havealuminium frames with single tinted windows or plexiglasswith transparent fabric curtains covering the side windows.
The vessel can be equipped with a small caboose. On the stern port side,is a toilet equipped with macerator and sink. On the stern starboard side there is a technical room with a storage area. There is a large stern terrace has seating for four passengers. With a large number of additional technical options and interior design configurations you can customizeyour craft.


Total length with engine: 11,35 m
Total length of the hull: 10,70 m
Maximum breadth: 3,36 m
Hull draught: 0,40 m
Approximate empty weight: 2700 – 3000 kg
Height above CWL: 2,50 – 3,11 m
Total height: 2,90 – 3,51 m
Number of passengers: 12 + 2 persons (crew)
Outboard engine: 25 – 60 HP
Fuel tank: 108 l
Water tank: 75 l
Design category: D



  • Transom for outboard engine with height control
  • Hydraulic control system
  • Fuel tank 108 litres+ indicator+ separator
  • Water tank 125 litres+ indicator
  • Grey water and faecal tanks each 125 litres + indicator
  • Navigations lights
  • LED interior lighting
  • Engine battery – service 200 Ah
  • Radio USB + two loudspeakers
  • Lacquered aluminium railings
  • 6 stainless cleats 300 mm
  • Exterior floors made of waterproof plywood laminated on both sides with teak imitation
  • Interior floor covered with durable laminate
  • Exterior door and sliding windows in powder coated aluminium frames
  • The base of aluminium passenger seats, lacquered, opened, covered with leather-like upholstery(customer can choose the upholstery)
  • Fixed tables
  • Laminated Helmsman’s station with upholstered armchair.
  • The toilet with entrance from the stern has doors with a Plexiglas filling, electric toilet with macerator, cabinet with a sink and all the necessary handles and holders as well as a mirror on the wall.


  • Outboard engine Mercury 60 ELPT CT EFI (tie-beams, shifter, clocks, fascicle etc.) + assembly
  • Outboard engine Mercury 100 ELPT CT EFI (tie-beams, shifter, clocks, fascicle etc.) + assembly
  • Outboard engine Mercury 115 ELPT CT EFI (tie-beams, shifter, clocks, fascicle etc.) + assembly)
  • Exterior lighting LED RGB 2x5m
  • Heating duct diesel 3.5 KW
  • Small caboose with sink +pressurized water pump + water tank enlarged to 250l + Grey water tank 125l
  • Refrigerator 60 litres 12 volts
  • TV 24-inch 12 V mounted on the back wall on the starboard
  • Searchlight controlled electrically
  • Electric anchor lift
  • Clean water tank enlarged to 250l
  • Faecal tank enlarged to 250l
  • Additional service battery 220 Ah+ 30 Amp charger+ port connection and 20-meter cable
  • Bow thruster 65 kg bollard + 150 AH battery + increased charger up to 40 Amp
  • Aluminium Kurskiper mounted on the outboard motor
  • Hull made of 5083 sheet metal
  • Hulls painted with anti-fouling paint
  • Rear view camera with 10-inch monitor
  • LED spotlight on the front and back terrace
  • Aluminium, lacquered upper cabinets along the passenger compartment above the side windows
  • Rescue equipment (lifebuoy, 16 life jackets, first aid kit and instruction First Aid)
  • Anchoring and mooring equipment(6 x fenders, two mooring ropes, 15 kg anchor with a 25-meter rope, paddle, seam)
  • Extinguishing equipment (two 5 kg fire extinguishers, a fire blanket)
  • Two aluminum, lacquered locker son the back terrace
  • Plastic fender bar 50×35 mm