Twisted polypropylene floating rope


 4,30 46,90 /10m

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Traditional twisted structure, pleasant grip, abrasion resistant, reduced elongation hole or anchor rope. It can be recycled, melted, assembled. It has a low specific gravity and therefore floats on the surface of the water. Made of quality raw material, fast color, UV stable. Due to its resistance to acids, alkalis, marine organisms and rust, it is a very durable type of rope that can also be used in special chemical environments. We can issue a work certificate for tensile strength.


It floats: Due to its specific gravity lower than water, it is a product that floats on the surface of the water.

Melted: A meltable substance in heat. The heads can be machined or the disintegration of the heads can be prevented. The heads can be burned together with a hot cutter or after cutting with an open flame.

UV stable: UV damage is minimal.


Wear-resistant: abrasion-resistant material, recommended for long-term use.


Diameter (mm) 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 25
Weight (g / m) 17 26 46 70 96 116 156 165 240
Tensile strength (kg) 550 830 1030 1490 1980 2480 2770 3080 4460
Composition Twist made of stable, color-resistant, 3-thread HT polypropylene
Color white and black
Elongation 15%
Length spindle 100 m

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