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The most popular rentable equipment of the lenders at the banks of Balaton and the beaches is paddle boat. The stableness of its kathamaran swimming body is unique.

We made comfortable shell shaped seats on the deck for 4 persons. Passengers sitting at the front can drive the paddle wheels by pedals. The paddle wheels take place in the middle beneath the ship.

The wheels do not dash water to the deck while working, therefor we can use the paddle boat all dressed up. There is bigger space for moving on the front and back part of the deck.

Sailing is possible by the coxswain that is placed in the middle of the paddle boat. The complete mechanizm of the paddle boat is made of stainless steel and plastic, so it can be used in the sea as well. The bearings are made of wearing quality bearing plastic made by cutting.

The base material of the paddle boat is fibre glass polyester coloured in its material. We use good quality gel-coat that has UV stabilizer additive so the material will not age by the solar radiation.

Any colour can be ordered. Brilliant colouring is very popular. This means that the paint contains glossy flitters, so paddle boats glitter in beautiful colours on the banks. For special request slide can be fixed.