Sublue WhiteShark Tini Underwater Scooter*2 + Double Engine Support Handle *1



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Single propeller mode, easy underwater swimming.
A single propeller, compact and portable can achieve two speed control, respectively 1.1m/s and 1.4m/s.

Modular design, various modes of play
Wireless control technology
Super power, durable and reliable
Wireless control handle, get easy to us
Smaller, more portable
Smartphone/Action camera mount


Dimensions: Tini power system L 355 x W 135 x H 135m
Single-boosting handle bracket: L 296 x 144 x H 36,5mm
Control handle: diam. 35.9mm x H 123mm
Weight (with battery): 3kg
Weight of Battery: 870g
Depth: 20m
Speed: High Speed 1.4m/s – Low Speed 1.1m/s
Battery Life: Power System: 45 mins, Control Handle: 150mins
External loads: Action camera mount, Floater mount, Double-engine support handle mount

Double Engine Support Handle:
WhiteShark Tini double-engine support handle combines two sets of Tini unit to play together.
Weight: 0,7kg