Spinera Rental Vest Pro 600D Polyester



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Good adjustable and high-quality 3-strap vest specifically for rental use for water skiing parks, water sports stations, clubs, etc.
The logo, the straps and the circle about the size are always in the same color and makes it easier to assign.

Additional features:
Extremely tear-resistant Cordura material
Double stitched and reinforced shoulder area
Hidden straps on the back to ensure greater safety when driving bananas.
Water drains to the bottom of the vest for faster drying
Loop at the neck for hanging on hooks
600D Polyester


certified to EN ISO 12402-5 50N


Size Chest Weight Newton
XXS 60-70cm 30-40kg 35N
XS 70-80cm 40-50kg 40N
S 80-90cm 500-60kg 40N
M 80-100cm 60-70kg 45N
L 90-100cm 70+kg 50N
XL 100-100cm 70+kg 50N
XXL 110+cm 70+kg 50N
XXXL 120+cm 70+kg 50N

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