Set of floating pontoon 1.9 x 6m (1x1000L)

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Pontoons can be used for various purposes such as a boat station, as a footbridge or simply as a platform for relaxing and spending time by the water. The shallow beach can be transformed into a harbour deep enough for sailing-boats. Even the most unsheltered beach can be turned into a safe and calm berth to accommodate your own boat and those of your boating friends. These are investments which greatly increase the total value of your property.

All pontoons are resistant to UV-rays and freezing.

No ice movement is allowed.


The pontoon set includes:

Shore support 1.9 x 1.5m on hot-dip galvanized screw piles U68x865-91;

Platform with wooden board deck 1.9 x 6m on plastic pontoons – 1pcs x 1000Ltr .;

Connecting hinge sets.

Platform size: 1.9 x 6m

Size of shore support: 1.9 x 1.5m

Platforms max. lifting capacity: 1000 kg

Platforms max. permissible load: 700 kg

Timber: Scandinavian spruce, the highest quality class

Certification: FSC

Pontoon filling: polystyrene (ESP)

Impregnation: under pressure (top class), color: brown


All floats are filled with EPS, which makes them unsinkable. This is also one of the mandatory requirements for all public places intended for swimming. EPS also protects the float from developing micro-cracks through which water can penetrate. It is also resistant to low temperatures during the winter season. In case of damage to the float, its load-bearing capacity does not change.




Impregnation of wood is the introduction of chemical substances into wood in order to improve its characteristics and impart new properties. Impregnation stabilizes dimensions, increases strength and resistance to water, moisture, and chemicals, and reduces cracking.






Decking screws
Made of hardened steel 4.8 x 75/45 mm TX 20
Corrosion resistance class C4
Designed for outdoor work

DIN EN 1995 / EUROCODE 5 / DIN EN ISO 9227 NNS / DIN EN ISO 12944-6

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