RollerBone Starter Cork Package



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RollerBone comes with his brand new RollerBone starter cork set, consisting of RollerBone starter board with the dimensions L 64 cm and B 33 cm and as well with a thickness of 1 cm, the RollerBone cork roler has a size of L 45cm and a B 10cm. The RollerBone starter cork set is the right training tool especially for children, beginners and re-starters of all ages when it comes to improving your fitness level. The RollerBone cork roler has not only been made from a sustainable natural product like the starter board as well, besides that the RollerBone cork roller has the advantages to react slower and offers therefore the necessary adhesion to almost any floor surfaces. Therefore it is ideally suited for children from 4 years onwards, to discover their balance playfully, and as well for adults to make their daily training routine even more individualized.

Cross-training – many sportsmen and athletes, and wake boarder and water-skier as well – know the complementary training methods of balance training. Balance trainer belongs to the best cross – training products on the market.

The RollerBone is a great training tool where ultimate fun with agility, coordination and balance are interconnected with each other. It is suitable for all ages and skill levels and can be used indoor and outdoor well as.

Ideal for all sportsmen as a supplemented training device, where mobility and coordination is required. It is perfect for surfer, kiter, wake boarder , skater, snowboarder, skier, skater, climber and many more . The training on RollerBone is never boring.

It is much more than just an exercise machine, you can do so many various tricks .The more advanced among you can do ollies , spins , shuvits , grabs , air drops … and much more.

Numerous studies have shown that repeated exercises, helps you to keep your body fit and has a preventive effect in relation to injuries of the muscles, and sharpens as well your senses.


– The new RollerBone is a trend and fun training device at the same time and a must have for any enthusiastic board sportsmen! Indoor and outdoor.

– The perfect training unit for passionate board sport athletes and sportsmen of all ages – just put the board on the role and let’s go

– High End Cork Role for slower reaction best traction on almost each surface

– Easy to store, and even more easily to take away

– So therefore it is the perfect all-round training device to improve your balance and strengthen your muscles.

– Cork Roller: 100% sustainable product

“Qualtiy seal – Movement & Innovation from the Institute for Movement Education and Motion Research”

Board dimensions approx.: L 64 cm x W 33 cm x H 10 cm
Material: Mixed Maple Woods
Dimensions: Role approx. 45cm/Roler- diameter approx.10 cm
Material: Cork
Max. Capacity: 90kg
Weight: 3,68kg