RollerBone Balance Kit



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RollerBone – passion for balance

– Dimensions: roller length approx. 45cm / roller diameter approx. 15cm
– Mat .: Cork
– Cork is one of the environmentally sustainable and healthy materials
– Cork is natural, renewable and recyclable, biodegradable and 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly
– Cork also has natural antibacterial properties
– Made for your Balance Training
– Cork roller is suitable for all Balance Boards
– Perfect grip and sportive dynamic
– Ideal for Fitness Training with a high level of fun
– Cork roller can be used both indoor and outdoor
– Suitable for training of different muscle groups
– Also perfect for Fascia rolling
– durable and long lasting
– Max. capacity 90kg


Scope of delivery: cork role

The cork roller reacts sportive and offers a perfect grip on almost any floor. This makes the training even safer. Perfect for your daily balance and fitness training.

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