Pontoon float 230L H450


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Support floats have low weight. Pontoons and marinas are easily assembled on the basis of support floats. The material from which the floats are made is very durable, and special additives in polyethylene make it resistant to direct exposure to solar ultraviolet rays.


Volume: 230 L

Length: 1130 mm

Width: 640 mm

Height: 450 mm

Bearing capacity: 230 kg

Weight: 15 kg


All floats are filled with EPS that makes them 100% unsinkable. That is also one of the mandatory requirements for all public places provided for swimming. Furthermore, EPS protects the float from the appearance of microcracks through which water can penetrate. Additionally, it is resistant to low temperatures in the winter period. In case if float has been damaged, its carrying capacity does not change.



Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 113 × 64 × 45 cm