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Choosing the right parachute for your business is very important. By selecting the appropriate parasail for your circumstances, you can save yourself money and fuel. Therefore, to help you select the correct parasail, we would like to know your local wind conditions, customer portfolio and weight restrictions and then we can recommend the most suitable parasails for you.
Alesta Marine’s parasails start from 28FT – 44FT. Depending on your local wind conditions, small parasails are best used in high wind speed areas, and large parasails are best used in low wind speed areas. A parasailing operator must have several different parasails in areas where the wind speed often varies, and this is an important requirement for safety. We can produce 16 panel parasails or 20 panel parasails, depending on which you would like. We have models available in the specified FT range.


The fabric used in our parasails are made of 6.6 ripstop nylon yarns, and are silicon coated on both sides to prevent air penetration. The silicon coating also acts to prevent the parasail fabric from the corrosive chemical reactions caused from contact with salty sea water. The fabrics are also stained with UV doped pigment to avoid fading under the sun.

We used 2 different quality fabrics to produce parasails suitable for different budgets. The thickness of our standard series fabric is 1.6 oz and the average service life is 2500 flights or more. However, we also offer a professional series fabric, which is 1.3 oz and provides an extra lightness. The average service life four our professional series fabric can vary depending on the usage but is approximately 5000 flights or more.

For all our parasails, you can choose from a wide range of colours, and even opt to include a logo or design. You can advertise your company with a logo on your parasail, or to minimize costs, you can find a sponsor and advertise their logo. We produce your parasail orders within 1 week, and we send using fast and reliable couriers at a cost efficient price.



Size Wind Speed (Min-Max) Weight (Min-Max) Application
28 FT 19-32 Km/h 45-160 Kg 59 High Wind
30 FT 19-27 Km/h 50-182 Kg 64 High Wind
32 FT 16-24 Km/h 54-165 Kg 72 High-Middle Wind
34 FT 11-19 Km/h 62-215 Kg 81 Middle Wind
36 FT 11-17 Km/h 67-242 Kg 96 Middle Wind
38 FT 10-15 Km/h 72-249 Kg 105 Middle-Low Wind
40 FT 8-12 Km/h 75-280 Kg 108 Low Wind
42 FT 0-12 Km/h 80-295 Kg 120 Low Wind
44 FT 0-10 Km/h 80-305 Kg 133 Low Wind

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