Floating mooring rope


 4,30 26,20 /10m

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Weak braid, good fall, easy to handle anchor rope. A non-rigid anchor rope that is released when dropped. Ultra-light rope floating on water. Easy to install, flow. Flexibility and abrasion resistance are outstanding. Made of high quality polypropylene fiber, fast color, with high stability to UV rays. Resistant to acids, alkalis and marine organisms. We can issue a work certificate for tensile strength.


It floats: Due to its specific gravity lower than water, it is a product that floats on the surface of the water.


Melted: A meltable substance in heat. The heads can be machined or the disintegration of the heads can be prevented. The heads can be burned together with a hot cutter or after cutting with an open flame.




Diameter (mm) 6 8 10 12 14 16
Weight (g / m) 16 23 32 57 74 103
Tensile strength (kg) 400 700 900 1250 1550 1800
Composition UV stable, HT8 polypropylene quick weave, no casing
Color with royal blue white signal or dark blue white signal
Elongation 18% at the recommended pregnancy
Length spindle 100 m

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