Motor Boat Polmir Romana 430 “FISH”



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Motorboat Polmir Romana 430 “FISH”

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The motor boat “Romana 460”, the successor to the boat “Romana 430”. Higher, deeper, wider, accommodating 5 people. Equipped with 7 lockers (storage compartments) (including one 180 cm long, which can accommodate a paddle).
The FISH version was created for anglers who value comfort. It has low front rails (FISH), thanks to which it gives anglers more room for maneuver (rails do not interfere with fishing). They also allow you to install various fishing accessories.
The boat is available in two versions:
– with the console moved back (without the helmsman’s seat)
– with the console moved forward (with the helmsman’s seat).
The possibility of mounting, for example, a swivel chair and a place for a sun deck make every customer find the right boat for themselves.
In the version with the console to the rear, there is more space in the bow part, so it is possible to use a larger sun deck.
The high board provides increased safety on the boat, and the wide V-type bottom makes the boat very stable and easy to plan with low engine power.
For economic use, a 30 – 50 HP engine is recommended.


Technical Characteristics

  • Length 4.60 m
  • Width 1.90 m
  • Empty weight 300 – 320 kg (depending on boat equipment)
  • Number of people 5
  • Max. engine power 50 hp (36.8 kW) (steering wheel control)
  • Transom height 508 mm (L foot)
  • Max. load capacity 520 kg
  • Design category C
  • Hull construction –DOUBLE SKIRT closed
  • Hull material lps / GRP
  • CE PRS certificate

Basic Equipment

  • a set of FISH railings
  • helmsman’s seat (in the version with a forward console)
  • a console with a steering system, a PVC steering wheel, a glass window and an INOX railing
  • place for mounting a lever
  • 4x INOX cleats
  • 7 compartments with water drainage channels with flaps on INOX hinges, closed with the so-called “kandahar”
  • a large bench at the back of the boat (sofa)
  • INOX ventilation grille from the fuel chamber
  • INOX mooring eye at the front
  • 2x INOX mooring eyes at the rear – fender rubber + INOX endings
  • transom protector
  • plug drain, deck drain with ball valve
  • engine pan drain
  • bow locker drain, engine pan rubber covers
  • deck colors: white or gray or cream, bottom colors: white, anthracite or navy blue.