E.V.A. Bumpers B90



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The E.V.A bumpers are moulded from the exceptional E.V.A. material and they will protect all parts of the marinas or the ports where boats are moored or subjected to other danogers. The combination of the material and the design makes the E.V.A. bumpers resistant ti heavy loads. The E.V.A. bumpers will always return to their original shape having the effect of a soft cushion protecting the boat. The E.V.A. bumpers will not leave clour marks or stains on the boats. The E.V.A. bumpers are UV- protected and will not be changed by the sun. The E.V.A. bumpers are resistant to all chemical agents that normally are found in sea water. The E.V.A. bumpers are not inflatable, they are made from a structured design, solid, closed cell, plastic foam material (E.V.A.). The E.V.A. bumpers have a longer life expectancy than PVC or rubber compounds.