Aquabus C60


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The Aquabus C60 in the cabin version is the ideal partner for communities and operators of passenger transport and tourism exploitations.
Equipped with two powerful and efficient electrical propulsions and with the most modern solar panels, this electrosolar catamaran navigates silently and emission free.


The Aquabus C60 is being built entirely in Switzerland and according to your individual requirements. Thanks to this semi-customised building procedure, we can offer you a high quality product at reasonable price.
The operating costs are 45 times less important than for an equivalent boat equipped with a diesel engine.

Comfortable and cosy

Having the capacity of transporting safely 60 to 75 passengers (depending on the country), it is perfectly adapted to navigate at ease on lakes, rivers and coastal areas.

Its 60m2 passengers deck allows maximum versatile depending on the users needs. Its principal options are seats, bar, water closet, hi-fi and any other furniture.



Technical Characteristics

Length over all 14 m
Beam over all 6.85 m
Draft, loaded 1.0 m
Displacement, empty 10 t
Displacement, loaded 14 t
Power (electric) 2×8 kW
Battery tension 48 V
Surface of PV cells 20 m2
Cruising speed 10-12 km/h
Autonomy without sunlight at cruising speed ~8 h
Number of passengers 60

The Aquabus C60 is a ferry with a multihull (catamaran) configuration, which offers you a maximum deck area that you can use for your events, and at the same time reduces the water resistance to a strict minimum.

Equipped with silent high performance engines, it is environmentally friendly and can navigate in protected zones, which are forbidden to the powered motor navigation.