Aquabus 850T


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Photovoltaic cells of the latest generation, in conjunction with maintenance free batteries and an 8 kW electric motor, deliver over 8 hours of autonomy. The Aquabus 850T is completely free of atmospheric and sound emissions and vibrations.


Thanks to the highly efficient and performant electro-solar propulsion, the running costs are very low. A whole day of navigation, even without sunlight (or a night!) will cost you less than 1 €.

Comfortable and cosy

The Aquabus 850T accommodates 12 passengers comfortably. Thanks to the noise-free motor and good manoeuvrability, navigation is a real pleasure. The sun is the principal source of energy of the Aquabus 850T.


Technical characteristics


Length over all 8.5 m
Beam over all 2.5 m
Draft, loaded 0.55 m
Displacement, empty 2000 kg
Displacement, loaded 2900 kg
Power (electric) 8 kW
Battery tension 48 V
Surface of PV cells 3.3 m2
Cruising speed 8-9 km/h
Autonomy without sunlight at cruising speed ~8 h
Number of passengers 12
Design category according to Dir 2013/53/CE C