Aquabus 1050T


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Perfect working tool for tourism operators, the Aquabus 1050T and its efficient electric propulsion allows a clean navigation and discovery of the environment without nuisance such as noise, CO2 emissions or vibrations. Its quality / price ratio and its very low operating costs make it very attractive for medium sized bodies of water where the environment is preserved: nature reserves, protected sites, swimming areas, …

Its total capacity is 24 passengers; these can be divided between the cabin and the rear deck, which can itself be covered by a bimini. The cockpit can be placed inside or outside the cabin, again demonstrating a high degree of modularity based on conditions of use of our customers.

he weatherproofed interior cabin of the Aquabus 1050T offers the ability to navigate in any season and even if the sun does not shine, since batteries offer a range of about 8 hours.



Technical characteristics

Length over all 10.5 m
Beam over all 2.5 m
Draft, loaded 0.55 m
Displacement, empty 2800 kg
Displacement, loaded 4600 kg
Power (electric) 8 kW
Battery tension 48 V
Surface of PV cells 6,6 m2
Power of PV cells > 1 kW
Cruising speed 9-10 km/h
Autonomy without sunlight at cruising speed ~8 h
Number of passengers 24
Design category according to Dir 2013/53/CE C


Hybrid kit (range extender), A/C system, flat screen, LED lights. WC, sound system (radio/CD/MP3, micro, loudspeakers, geolocalisation system, fride,…)