Aquabus 1050 Deluxe


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This version with exclusive design and luxurious finishes is a recent development of the model Aquabus 1050 and is particularly directed to upper range hotel operators looking for solutions that respect the environment without compromising the look and comfort.

This boat includes original lithium batteries allowing greater autonomy (over 8 hours without sun) for a lower weight. Its maximum capacity is 18 passengers, divided between the cabin, which can be equipped with air conditioning, and rear deck. The cockpit is placed outside, as the Venetian taxis, protected by a windshield.

The proud owner of 1050 Deluxe has a wide range of options for interior design and luxurious finishes to customize his/her own exclusive solar boat.



Technical data:

Length over all 10.5 m
Beam over all 2.5 m
Draft loaded 0.55 m
Displacement, empty 3000 kg
Displacement, loaded 4800 kg
Power (electric) 8 kW
Surface of PV cells ~5 m2
Batteries Lithium
Battery tension 48 m2
Cruising speed ~9-10 km/h
Autonomy without sunlight at cruising speed ~ 8 h
Number of passengers 18
Design category according to Dir 2013/53/CE C


Main options:

Hybrid kit (range extender), A/C system, flat Screen, LED lights. WC, sound system (radio/CD/MP3, micro, loudspeakers, geolocalisation system, fride,…).