Boat Aluminum Flats Boats DV with a V-type bow


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Aluminum, flat-bottomed boats with a V-type bow. Light, fast and very manoeuvrable. Suitable for both rivers and lakes. Perfect for anglers and hunters, as well as for services and recreation. They have displacement chambers filled with polyurethane foam with closed pores, which makes them unsinkable. Hull 100% welded. Boats adapted for outboard engines. At the client’s request, the boats can be retrofitted, including: steering console, seats, lighting, anchor winches, fishing handles, railings, etc.


Technical parameters 400 DV 430 DV 480 DV
Lenght 400 cm 430 cm 480 cm
Beam 175 cm 175 cm 200 cm
Weight from 155 kg 190 kg 310 kg
Max weight cap 390 kg 380 kg 405/490 kg
Max. person cap 4 4 4/5
Max. engin 22,1 KW 22,1 KW 36,8 KW
Category D D C/D