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  • Easy to learn and expand your skill level
  • Great agility for all weights
  • Perfect all-round board for all water conditions
  • A design theme inspired by the urban landscapes of Berlin

Explore is our most durable and stable board. Perfect for beginners, designed for reliability and built to last. Produced in impact resistant plastic to prevent wear and tear.


Speed & Range

G3: 25mph / 40 kmh
G3 Pro: 32mph / 52kmh

Est. ride time:
Standard: 25min
Long: 35min
Extended: 45min

The price of the mentioned product is without VAT.



15 kg / 33 lbs

Dimensions (LxWxH)

1939 x 813 x 170 mm
6’4″ x 2’7″ x 0.6′ feet


High impact ABS+PMMA polymer shells with a Polyurethane foam core and a marine grade bumper trim.

What’s included in your purchase?

To purchase a complete and rideable jetboard you need to order at least one Board Type, one Jetpack and one Powerpack. For every complete board you’ll also receive a charger, one pair of fins, a wireless hand controller and board leash. Basically everything you need to go Jetboarding!

Additional information


Pro performance, Standard performance


Extended range, Long range, Standard range


EU charger, US charger