Environmental awareness doesn’t just mean not throwing garbage in the water!
Electric boats and ship engines are also the future in waterborne transport!

Electric mobility is no longer just an environmentally friendly alternative to internal combustion engines on the roads. In pleasure boating, as well as in smaller merchant ships, the technology has reached a level where there is no longer a significant argument in favor of the use of inboard engines. In addition to electric marine engines, environmental awareness is only half the story. Electric propulsion enriches our sailing with a whole new experience - in addition to our silent electric motors, even at high speeds, the biggest “noise” will be the ripple of water around the boat and the sound of the wind.

Our products are world-leading solutions for electric shipping, systems specifically designed for the challenges of sea and ocean shipping, which enable reliable, safe operation and long life, whether sailing in the world's seas or in the waters of Lake Balaton.

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