For years, as boatbuilders, we have installed electric drives from third parties. Then in 2009 E-TECH decided to develop its own E-drive for yachts and boats. The ( many ) short comings of the systems, which were installed till then, forced us to develop a better solution. The best electric drives for an attractive price was and is the aim. As boatbuilders we are aware of the possible problems and aggressive circumstances which can occur on a (sea-going) boat, and we decided, first off all, that quality and durability prevail. Efficiency and economy were naturally the reasons to choose for State-of-the-Art technology only. With this approach E-TECH has shown that it has developed an E-drive system of high quality and efficiency. The response from the market for E-TECH drives is the prove. In a short time hundreds of our systems has found their way to happy clients and captains.

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