The birth of DoubleUP (DUPWAKE) Wakeboards was in the USA in 1996. It was Greg Nelson, Legend Award winner of the TransWorld Wakeboarding Wake Award in 2010, who founded DoubleUP Wakeboards, the world's first wakeboard company run by wakeboarders themselves.

The shapes from this period still influence many designers of today's wakeboard industry. Constructive designs and shapes like the Variable Edge Design and the V-Hull design will still be found in most wakeboard companies by 2020.

The DUPWAKE headquarter is now based in Australia, with a new Management – which also consists of Wakeboarder’s.

In addition to an innovative product line, DUPWAKE's focus here is on wakeboards with flex properties that work equally well on the cable and behind the boat. In order to be a striking wakeboard company, DUPWAKE is also committed to developing high quality wakeboard bindings. The self-imposed goal is hard-wearing, durable bindings that can be offered with different flex designs and fastener systems at a reasonable price.

With a well selected Pro Rider Team like Lior Sofer, Scotty Broome, Manu Rupp, Carlo Dela Torre and many more has DUPWAKE brought some leaders in wakeboarding style on board.

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